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      Sculptor HENRIET Yves carries out one art of analysis, instinctive and direct, based on one permanent interactivity enters the imaginary one and various worked matters, those who break, solidify or who offer theirs elasticities.    A Director of gallery   



      I live Arlon, area of the three borders, with a few kilometers of France and of the GD of Luxembourg, I am influenced by the artistic richness of  these areas and their differences cultural Latin and Germanic.   


           ARTISTIC TRVAIL   

    My work is in particular centered on the woman, her body, her nudity, its beauty and its erotic curves.     I carry out my sculptures in various materials: stones the different ones qualities and hardnesses       Technique of the direct size: Pierre, blue, of Alsace, of France, black of Denée, and various marbles of any origines          - bronzes        - raw and cooked ground       -  polyester and latex    Drawings, sketch, and drafts of workshop, following model, carried out with the pencils and charcoals



     I can answer all the requests, who integrate the contemporary art in one tally of personal life, the whole with one harmonize, a sensuality and a sensitivity, getting for the purchaser of work, one very great emotion which perdure in time.



      Of technical-commercial formation,  I always liked to work manually, touch of the matters, the direction of the esthetics and the beauty of the things.      Basic autodidact, I followed some training courses of sculptures in the years 1990.      For professional reasons, I shared my passion, sales of antiquities, collaboration to the writing of a play and play of actor.  In 2003, the sculpture and the drawing take again the first place.


ARLON area of the three borders      - Belgium to 180 km of Brussels       - France with 20km of Longwy (54) and           340 km of Paris        - G.D of Luxembourg to 25 km of Luxembourg         city   




          I can answer all the requests, which  integrate the contemporary art within a framework of  personal life, the whole with a harmony, one   sensuality and a sensitivity, getting for   the purchaser of work, a very great emotion  who perdure in time.  





     My work is in the main thing centered on   woman, her body, her nudity while carving   various materials, stones, marbles, bronzes,

clay, plaster….




     Drawings, sketch, and drafts of workshop  realized with the pencils and charcoals according to  models     My work is in particular centered on  woman, her body, her nudity, its beauty.   




Last works carried out     The continuation in the gallery              INNOVATIONS    


GOOD VISIT  Thank you to leave me a comment, one   suggestion, a request, a message                                           henrietyves@yahoo.fr    
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Une Directrice de galerie  

« Le sculpteur HENRIET  Yves

réalise un art d’analyse,

instinctif et direct, basé

sur une interactivité

permanente entre

l’imaginaire et les

différentes matières

travaillées,celles qui se

cassent, se figent ou qui

offrent leurs élasticités. »       L’ artiste habite Arlon, région des trois frontières, à quelques kilomètres de la France et du GD du Luxembourg, je suis influencé par la richesse artistique de ces régions et leurs différences culturelles latines et germaniques. 

     Je peux répondre à toutes

les demandes, qui intègrent

l’art contemporain dans un

cadre de vie  personnelle,

le tout avec une harmonie,

une sensualité et une

sensibilité, procurant à

l’acquéreur de l’œuvre, une

très grande émotion qui

perdure dans le temps.


 Dessins et esquisses

Dessins, croquis, et esquisses d’atelier

réalisés aux crayons et fusains

       yh d11
  yh d4+                                 yh d5+         
yh d8+


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 matières photos

La beauté de la femme      Mon travail est notamment axé sur le nu, la femme, son corps, sa nudité, sa beauté et ses courbes érotiques. fl2                                 


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Les photos de ce site ne sont pas libres de droit Tous droits réservés Yves HENRIET.2006